Stackable Washers & Dryers in Victoria BC

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At CK Appliances we are the Victoria’s local used Washer and Dryer experts.

We provide used washer and dryers, and we specialize in Stackable Washers and Dryers. We also provide a broken washer and dryer pick up and recycling services. Need a new washer and dryer? We’ve got more Stackable Washers and Dryers in stock. Call us today to buy used washers and dryers at competitive prices in Victoria BC.

Free Warranty 14 Day warranty with all purchases, plus delivery is available at only $75 for local clients. Call CK Appliances at 250-704-8509 for Used Appliance Sales of Stackable Washers & Dryers.

CK Appliances
591 ker ave
Victoria, BC V9A 2B8

Why Choose Us?

  • Recycling these units means saving our planet
  • Free 14 Day warranty with the option of paid extended warranty
  • Prices range from $375 to 650 depending on age, size, and features
  • Local $75 Delivery option to your door
  • In some cases, I offer FREE delivery in EXCHANGE for your old broken units.  
  • CASH BUYER of your old used washers and dryers – broke or working


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